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So what do I get?

● A minimum of 52 weeks of healthy, fat busting and wellness enhanced recipes

● Within those 52 weeks you will get 300 unique recipes. Recipes will include ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacking

● All ingredients are local – so no running around looking for exotic ingredients

What else do I get?

● Suitable for the whole family!

● Suitable for men and women, in any shape, condition or health (suitable for diabetics)

● Easy to follow recipes, that will have any novice cooking like a MasterChef.


And there is even more….

● Variety of eating plans, so you’re never bored! Try your hand at Mediterranean, Greek, Asian, Indian, Vegetarian, South African and much more.

● Make special occasions memorable and HEALTHY! You receive one extra Eating Plan for each special day of the year (e.g. Valentine’s and Christmas)

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