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Eating-Plans.co.za is your ONLINE Shop for:


Improved Wellness

Weight Loss

Ultimately Weight

for long term, sustained results!

Guidelines of how the program works and
what to expect over the coming 52 weeks.

  • The Eating Plans offer runs for a minimum of 52 weeks
  • One email per week includes a complete One Day Eating Plan
  • Over the course of the program, you’ll receive a variety of One Day Eating Plans including, but not limited to: Mediterranean, Greek, Asian, Indian, Vegetarian, South African and more
  • Eating Plans include healthy, fat busting, wellness enhancing recipes for: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking ideas
  • Within the 52 week period you can expect in the region of 300 unique recipes
  • Eating Plans includes heathy eating ideas for special occasions like Valentines, Mothers & Father’s Day, Heritage Day, Xmas and more
  • Eating Plans is suitable for men & women
  • Suitable for the entire family, no need to prepare different meals
  • Suitable for diabetics or anyone with a chronic illness – eating healthy is a must, regardless
  • Eating Plans can be tailored for weight loss, energy & vitality, sports & fitness, losing body fat, improved health
  • With over 300 recipes you’ll enjoy abundant choice
  • Should recipes include foods you don’t enjoy – no problem – choice
    is vast, you’ll always find suitable meals & ideas
  • Daily plans are based on roughly 1200 – 1400 calories
  • Eating Plans is designed to ensure you make better food choices while
    avoiding foods which compromise overall wellness
  • Eating Plans is an Online Program – where you live is irrelevant
  • All the highlights listed on the voucher will be communicated
    over the coming weeks & months

Eating Plans offer includes:

• In excess of 300 meal ideas and recipes
• One Day Plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacking
• Healthy braai & entertaining recipes and meal planning
• No need to be a party pooper at functions and social occasions
• Learn how to prepare nutritious fat busting meals everyone can enjoy and still be kind to your waistline
• Ensure your children’s future health is preserved by preparing healthy, fun options from a young age
• All suggested ingredients are local, no foreign recipes you won’t understand
• No need to prepare separate meals for the family
• Boost your metabolism with each meal you eat due to correct food choices
• No need to change everything overnight
• Learn how to implement one or two good ideas weekly and in 2-3 months
• Watch your body transform, the centimetres will melt away, enjoy increased energy and boost your metabolism.
• You’ll be emailed regular, weekly recipes for a year
• You’ll receive a guaranteed 300 PLUS meals & recipes
• Receive more than 100 Smoothie Recipes over the lifespan of your program

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